Don’t get ripped off this month by “A/C deals”

A/C repairs are very lucrative, so you have to be very careful to not get ripped off… In this 12 minute video I explain in detail what you need to look out for.

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May Deal ~ A/C spring maintenance special!


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March Deal


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Don’t get ripped off by “Free Diagnostics” ~ Deceptive parts sales


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Winter Promotion

I hope you enjoyed the holiday season.  For the months of January and February, Napa is offering rebate savings on timing component kits. (and we pass those savings onto you)

Why is it important to replace your timing belt? One of the essential components that keeps your vehicle running is your timing belt and water pump. Replacing the timing belt can prevent serious damage to your car. The timing belt is part of the car’s internal combustion engine. A worn out timing belt cannot properly perform and will eventually break. It is one of the most common reasons a car breaks down or leads to performance problems.

What are the symptoms?

    • More exhaust than usual
    • Engine vibrates and makes car shake
    • Strange noise from engine

[pullquote align=”right”] If the water pump goes after the belt has been replaced, the entire job has to be done again. [/pullquote]When replacing the timing belt it is usually a good idea to also change the water pump, micro V belt, and belt tensioner. The average life of a water pump is 100,000 miles, if the water pump goes out months after the belt has been replaced, the entire job has to be done again. Engine coolant ruins the belt, and replacing the pump requires removal of the belt on most engines. The tensioner is also a part that wears out, this part sets the timing belt tension.

If you would like a quote or want to schedule an appointment for this or any other service, call John directly at 843-763-8070 or [button link=”/contact-us” color=”#3e488d” size=”2″ style=”3″ dark=”0″ square=”1″ target=”self”]Email John for a quote[/button]

We appreciate your business,
John Yaeger

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